Canada Day 10 – Calgary

As Craig had planned to go on a mountain hike with our new local friend, I decided to stick around Calgary and wander around with my camera.

I finally made it outside after lunch and wasn’t walking around for long before a heavy hail shower hit. I retired as quickly as I could to the shopping mall we had discovered on our first day in the city to keep out of the cold and the hail – no conditions for photography.

Finally the blue skies reappeared and after I regained my bearings, I headed for some of the areas of the city that we had seen the night before from the Calgary Tower.

The cold weather began to chill me and so I headed back to the hotel. Craig returned around 1800 after his mountain hike (by his description I was glad I had stayed in the city). We then made our way to The Keg – a steak restaurant that Craig knew from his previous visits to the city as BA cabin crew. The meal was rather better than the one we’d had on our first night at Ruth’s Chris and was quite a bit cheaper too.

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