New Car Buying Tips for Numpties (By a Numpty)

Many of these tips are based on the premise that, like me, you have decided to follow the path of buying a brand new car on a PCP deal, with PCP being the type of finance deal that means you essentially only pay for the car’s depreciation over a period of 3-4 years and have a large payment at the end if you choose to keep the car. I bought a MINI, but other car brands are available. If you’re used to buying cars this way, these tips from a newbie may be obvious, but if you’re inexperienced or hate haggling (like me) then these tips will hopefully make you feel more confident of getting a good deal.

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Buying a New Car – Why is it so Painful? Part 1

About 3 months ago, I received an email from a salesman at the Lloyds MINI dealership in Newcastle informing me that they had a special offer in place for PCP finance – 2.9% APR interest. This was timely, as I’d been thinking about getting a new car anyway – my 3 door MINI hatchback was too small for my needs and my mother was finding it hard to get in and out of. I therefore had my eyes on a Countryman – the not-so-mini crossover/SUV-sized MINI. After a couple of weekends, I braced myself and went to the dealership, taking my friend Craig with me for moral support. Continue reading “Buying a New Car – Why is it so Painful? Part 1”