Montpellier to Barcelona

After some checking, I decided to get a mid-morning train from Montpellier to Barcelona. The train from Montpellier was a TGV Duplex terminating at Figueres, from where there was a train to Barcelona operated by RENFE (Spanish railways).While the journey from Montepellier was predominantly on classic rail lines, the approach to the Figueres TGV station makes use of the new high speed lineë_including impressive tunnels through the foothills of the Pyrennes.

The new TGV station at Figueres is a fairly typical TGV station on the edge of the town. Theë_Barcelona train was in the adjacent platform so there was an easy platform change.

The existing line to Barcelona passes through Girona, with the well-advanced RENFE high speed line from France to Barcelona and Madrid taking shape alongside in many places.

On the approaches to Barcelona, there were some impressive civil engineering works which were presumably associated with the construction of the new tunnel to take high speed trains out of the city and towards France.

The final approach to Barcelona Sants station is inë_tunnel and the train passed through a number of surburban underground stations before reaching Sants.

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