iPad 2

The iPad 2 was released in the US on 11th March 2011 with the UK release on 25th March. While many remain unconvinced about the need for a so-called “tablet” device, it is clear that Apple have found a market (some might say created one) and that while they are unlikely to have it to themselves for much longer, they currently completely dominate the tablet market.

A lot of comment has been made that the iPad2 does not have the technical specification of a laptop (or even a notebook) but I think this misses the point that, for many users, a tablet is all they need for many of their tasks. The technology pages of newspapers and blogs are filled with IT-savvy people sneering at the iPad (partly as a continuation of the Apple vs PC/Android debate) but they fail to see that while for them an iPad (or other tablet) has no useful function, that is not the case for a large proportion of people – as evidenced by the millions that have been sold. These haven’t all been sold to Apple fans either – the iPad (as with the iPhone previously) have clearly captured the imagination of users.

Many might continue to aver that Apple are all style over substance, but this fails to explain why people have returned time and time again to Apple devices once they have bought one. That suggests that Apple must be doing something right and that it’s not just down to clever marketing. If it was marketing, repeat sales would surely be far lower.

For myself, I am sorely tempted by an iPad but am considering other options as well. I would be unlikely to buy an Android tablet of any sort (simply because of my investment in iOS Apps) but am considering whether to replace my aging laptop with another (Apple or otherwise), an iPad or a netbook. All have their advantages and disadvantages, however I am certain that I need something light.

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