iPhone 4 and O2

After the new iPhone 4 was finally announced last week, Apple stated that the new model would be available for pre-order on 15th June in the UK. Well the 15th came and went with only Apple allowing pre-orders and running out of their stock within hours. Mobile operators have been slow in releasing information and are still not allowing pre-orders. Whether this is their choice or Apple trying to manage limited stocks is unclear, however O2 seem to have been toying with their customers more than most by releasing tariffs without handset prices – which isn’t much use. Maybe that’s the point, though it does seem to have backfired. Despite having a chance to reduce my costs from a corporate discount offer, I am seriously conisdering leaving O2 and am analysing and comparing the multitude of tariffs that are available to get the deal which is best value overall.

Despite Apple’s reputation as a company with great PR savvy, I do think they have misjudged this again – there are after all plenty of alternative handsets vying for attention now…

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