6 months with the iPhone X

It’s now over 6 months since I got my iPhone X and I still think it’s the best phone I’ve ever used. There are some occasional issues with the new facial recognition technology, but overall it remains a delight to use.

FaceID, the replacement for TouchID to unlock the phone mostly works well. The only times when it’s less reliable are when I’m not wearing glasses or contact lenses – I’m short sighted so hold the phone too close for the camera to work & have to remember to hold it further away. Given that TouchID didn’t work with wet fingers, I’d say it’s about even between TouchID & FaceID in terms of success rate for unlocking the phone. Given that TouchID took a few iterations to become as seamless as it is now, I’d say that’s a very good start. The so-called notch doesn’t bother me and I’ve got used to not having the percentage battery remaining indicator in the status bar – the better battery life means that it’s not a frequent worry anyway.

The screen is gorgeously crisp and, despite me often being clumsy, I currently only have a small crack on the very edge of the glass from a drop from my desk a few months back. The stainless steel edges are slightly scratched in places from the phone sharing pockets with coins or keys, but the phone feels too good in the hand to spoil with a case. I absolutely love the feel of the phone in my hand.

Battery life obviously depends on usage, but it’s the first phone I’ve had that can get through the day, even when heavily using apps that depend on GPS. The wireless charging is useful but not enough that I’ll fork out on an expensive charging pad (a cheap one from IKEA works fine for overnight charging).

The camera is also fantastic, and I am quite happy using it to avoid lugging my DSLR around all the time. The optical zoom is good and low light photography comes out well. I’ve only used Animoji a couple of times to amuse friends (usually the animated turd) but I can see it’s a feature that some will enjoy.

I’ve never had a problem with the swipe up to unlock gesture – Apple chose the new UI well as it does feel very intuitive and was a pretty much instant acceptance. Having an iPhone SE for work and an iPad Mini, both of which still have TouchID, causes me no problems either.

The lack of a home button, and the resulting button press combinations, does mean that I seem to have taken a fair few accidental screenshots due to clicking the volume and lock buttons together when holding the phone sometimes but that’s not a major gripe.

Given that I bought the phone on Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Programme, I expect I’ll upgrade when the new model comes out, especially if (as rumoured) the next model is a little cheaper. The lower monthly payments will be helpful, even if only £5 less per month.

I can certainly see why this iPhone is the most popular in Apple’s range. Compared to the iPhone 8, to me, the additional cost is worth it for a phone I love to use.

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