4 weeks with the iPhone X

After 4 weeks of using the iPhone X, I can safely say that it is far and away the best phone I have ever used, and I have had most of the iPhones released. It is a pleasure to hold, the screen is fantastic and battery life is much better than previous phones I’ve used. Android users may scoff at this, as they’ve had large OLED screens and wireless charging for a while, but for me the mix of software and hardware is a joy to use.

With the omission of a home button in the iPhone X & the new gestures required as a result, I’m surprised how quickly I got used to using it. The iPhone X’s new gestures work well & seem intuitive anThankfully, unlike when I first used TouchID, I’m also not having any problem switching between iPad & iPhone (the iPad Mini 2 had no TouchID so I kept wondering why it wouldn’t unlock when switching from my iPhone)..

FaceID is a revelation – fast and accurate and I appreciate how app & website passwords are automatically filled in and validated without any action on my part. I forget that FaceID isn’t as short-sighted as me, so need to remember to hold the phone further away when I first wake up and have no contact lenses in or lasses on. The beauty of FaceID is that the system keeps on learning and has no difficulty,with or without my glasses on.

The camera in the device is also very good & I am liking the portrait mode, which is new to me (though was a feature of the iPhone 7 Plus). It is also fantastic for night shots as the photos below show.

So all in all, I’m very happy with the phone and am enjoying the massive improvement over my last one.

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