Buying the iPhone X

I have to admit that there was some umming & aaahing about whether or not to buy an iPhone X. I had no problem with the loss of the TouchID fingerprint sensor or the “notch” at the top of the screen, but just wondered whether the extra £20 per month on the iPhone Upgrade Programme (IUP) was worth it and how soon I could get hold of one.

In the event I tried to buy one as soon as pre-orders started. Due to the high level of demand, by the time I had managed to get onto the Apple store website, I had missed out on launch day stock and was given a 1st December reservation. Later on though, I read that stock might be released early on Saturday 4th November (the day after launch) and, sure enough early on the 4th, I secured one for pick-up at Apple’s MetroCentre store. I had to choose an early slot to buy the phone as I was travelling down to Yorkshire to see family and needed to be away by 10am.

The store had a queue line set up in front of the store entrance (in the middle of the main concourse) and I felt a bit self-conscious waiting there for a member of Apple staff to attend to me. Other customers kept joining the short queue even though they just wanted to visit the store and had to be ushered inside. British people do like a good queue!

As it was my second year of using the IUP purchasing option (2 year interest free credit loan with 20 monthly direct debits but allowing upgrade after 11 payments) I was trading in my iPhone 7 and, while in the queue, backed this up to iCloud in readiness. Due to lack of time, I had decided to just pick the phone up then and there and set it up myself later.

After a short wait, I was going through the credit check in-store and while going through things, the friendly Apple Store staff member gave me a display phone to handle. Soon, I had recovered my sim card from the iPhone 7 and was leaving the store with the boxed iPhone X in a bag.

I went for a quick coffee and started to set up my phone, before realising that I needed my iPad to authenticate my account – my iPad was in my car. I returned to my car and realised that I needed wifi and ended up driving on to the A1 services at Washington to use their free wifi and set things up there. All the while I was feeling a bit nervous that my phone wasn’t working .. What if someone had wanted to call me? What if the car had broken down? … etc…

That’s a lesson for next time – either make time to set up at home, set up in store, or take my iPad with me for authenticating. There will be a next time, obviously. It’ll probably be in about a year’s time!

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